Review of Chris McNeeney's Day Job Killer

Chris McNeeney has created Day Job Killer. This is his third major release. It follows up AdWords Miracle (released in April of 2006) and Affiliate Project X (released in October of 2006). Much has been said about Day Job Killer, but here is an honest review about what to expect.

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Day Job Killer is a strategy guide for affiliate marketers to promote products via "direct linking". Most folks, including "gurus" and experts, have said that direct linking is dead. If you rolled back the clock to 2003, direct linking is how Internet marketers made money. However, by 2006, Google (and other search engines) began to discourage direct linking by increasing bids for specific keywords, by encouraging landing pages, and limiting each search to display a URL only one time. The ultimate goal was to improve the search experience for users. But this had the added effect of severely limiting the profits of Internet marketers.

Day Job Killer purports to bring back direct linking. Instead of relying on existing affiliate strong holds like Clickbank and Commission Junction, Day Job Killer will lean on lesser promoted affiliate programs like Wal-Mart, Target, and the like.

Time will tell if this is effective or not. The appeal of Day Job Killer's premise is that affiliates do not need to know HTML, they do not need to cloak links, they do not need to create landing pages, and they do not need to create squeeze pages.

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All things considered, the premise of Day Job Killer is that the good old days of affiliate marketing are back. The jury is still out though on whether simpler is better and how long these search engine work-arounds will last.

Before purchasing Day Job Killer you should read more about the product, including what other people (real people who have used the product, and not just people who are trying to sell it to you) are saying about it.


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Simon Harding said...

All of Chris' stuff is excellent, in my view. But he has updated it recently in the new Google Nemesis package which must be checked out so all can be at the cutting edge and not behind. Otherwise your competitors will. . .