What is Google Assassin?

Google Assassin is not another money-making ebook. It is a membership club designed specially to help people succeed in affiliate marketing.

Well, Google Assassin puts emphasise on the fact that it is not going to promise to help you make $1000++ in 10 minutes but instead give you a real step by step plan that anyone can follow to make $50, $100 or even $200 a day with ease.

This Google Assassin is created by Chris - From Day Job Killer, which is one of best selling ebooks of the year 2007.

The main Google Assassin's member site is called the "Affiliate Den". This is the place where you create and control your marketing campaigns, use the software tools (all software tools are browser-based), access help files and training materials.

The Affiliate Den basically consists of three main sections:

1. Clickbank Marketplace (Advanced Product Selection tools)
2. Campaign Section (where you will create your affiliate campaigns)
3. Software Tools section (various affiliate-related tools).

You will be using these tools when creating your campaigns. You can save a lot of time using these tools. They help you to find the most profitable products, research the most profitable keywords, cloak your affiliate link and generate a review web page.

In addition to the tools above, you can also download four more powerful set of tools. These tools are:

Daddy KeyWord Tool - Generate massive, super targeted keyword lists, spy on your competitors and find out what keywords they use.

Adwords MICRO-NICHER - Automate the main part of the "pay less than 1 cents per click" method (which involves the Adwords site targeting method). If you have never heard of this method before, please go through the course "Slash Your AdWords Cost By Up To 70%" in the coaching site.

Campaign Kidnap - Exactly as its name implies, this tool helps you to snatch the best ads and your competitor's Adwords keywords so you can copy their strategy. This tool is invaluable..

Article Spotter - This is a fine and powerful tool for article marketing. If you have ever tried article marketing but spend hours looking for keywords that are profitable and ranked well, then this tool is for you. I suggest you do your keyword research using the Daddy keyword tool, and then import your keywords into the spotter.

3 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Google Assassin And Some FREE Bonuses!

1. Google Assassin is not just another eBook or get rich quick scheme and is a complete membership that will show you tried and tested ways to make money online, and the good thing is with Google Assassin being a membership website you will be able to get all the help and support that you need to make money fast online!

2. Google Assassin PROVES it's results FIRST! You have probably seen the video on the website that shows how much money the creator Chris X makes in just one day! If you still have not seen it then check out the Google Assassin video Here

3. The final reason I can think of that Google Assassin is a good investment is because this guy really knows what he is talking about and you will get access to software that is worth thousands of dollars, and also a full blueprint so you can follow EXACTLY the same steps the creator did when he was getting started online making money!

My Experiences With Google Assassin

When I first login to the Google Assassin's member site, I can immediately see there are tools ready to help me to succeed but they are very well organized and the user interface is very intuitive.

There are two very powerful tools in Google Assassin you can use immediately. These tools are Google Assassin's Clickbank Marketplace and Keyword Extractor.

Tool 1: - The Google Assassin's Clickbank Marketplace is a tool you can use to find the hot-selling products in Clickbank. It's very similar to the original Clickbank Marketplace tool but the one in Google Assassin has been customized to select profitable products more accurately.

Tool 2: - Daddy Keyword Extractor. Once you've got a profitable product and the "seed" keyword, you can use the Daddy Keyword to generate the relevant keyword list for the product you wich to promote. This tool is very powerful, you can easily obtain all the profitable keywords that you can use for your PPC campaigns, articles or site content development.

If you have been struggling as an affiliate or you are just starting out 'Google Assassin' is an awesome way to get started making money online and shows real methods that work!
For more information on Google Assassin and to get a FREE preview and some FREE bonuses click the link below:

Google Assassin

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