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I finally had an opportunity to use the tools and techniques offered by Google Assassin in its Affiliates Den.

Some of the tools and techniques are simple probably everyone of us knows, but I think they are excellent for starters or newbies in the affiliate marketing.

The research tools Google Assassin provides excites me. I have found this tools elsewhere and not in combined form like the way he laid in his Affiilate Den - Google Assassin.

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As all the tools are combined and found at one place ie in Affiliate Den, the users need not switch between browsers searching for tools and information. It’s all right there in front of you, making the sizing up of niche markets easy.

I’ve been using them - and I really mean very quickly - set up PayPerClick campaigns. The tools and techniques really explain and then automate Chris’ money making ideas.

In brief, Google Assassin Package includes:

1. An Advanced Keyword Tool that will arrange YOUR keywords by “Profitability Score”, before you even run your campaigns.
2. Database that rates in excess of 10,000 ClickBank products daily!
3. A super advanced “Campaign Kidnapping” tool.
4. A super advanced “Article Sniper” tool.
5. Campaigner software that will automatically create your websites and Clickbank campaigns.

and many more............

To my suprise, I’ve made about $936 with an Adwords spend of about $94 - just by using the Google Assassin tools and techniques.

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