The Great Escape 2008

The Time Is Now To Start Planning Your Great Escape of 2008: How To Start With Nothing... Pay Off Your Debts... Replace Your Pay Check... And Escape The 'Rat Race' Forever...

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What is The Great Escape 2008 about?

The Great Escape 2008 is a one of a kind product. I doubt anyone would have seen anything like it. It’s packed full of unique content written by pro’s from every field of internet marketing and contains some truly mind blowing material. It’s perfect for beginners and even better for people with a bit of knowledge.

Covers topics ranging from
1. Sales Copy
2. Product packaging
3. Marketing E-mails
4. Cpa technique etc...

But by and large the great escape 2008 is not just an e-book it is a long term relationship that would benefit both you and Chris Cobb.

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a) Revealed: Everything you'll ever need to know about setting up your own Great Escape System so that you can leave the 'Rat Race' once and for all...

b) The top secret techniques that I use to make big money EVERY SINGLE DAY... and COPY from the sales letter that converted at a WHOPPING 27.8% - I reveal ALL on Page 18!

c) Discover the immense power of 'traffic' and why this is the real key to your freedom...

d) Revealed: The most powerful CPA techniques ever devised, released for the very first time

e) And much, much more... including how YOU can promote to MY LIST

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What are the Tools?

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a) The definitive step-by-step guide to identifying a red-hot niche and making a fortune! This is CRUCIAL to your success... and Includes a FREE BONUS chapter on getting FREE TRAFFIC via Squidoo...

b) Discover my Google-Slap Workaround that's guaranteed to work... AND reduce YOUR costs immediately (Page 36)... even if you've never heard the term "PPC" before!

c) My devastating technique to multiply EVERY advertising dollar by 3.41 each and EVERY day and... more importantly... how I KNOW that I'm doing it! (Page 45)...

d) The fastest and most effective methods for getting your website to the top of the search engine rankings... via SEO... Includes "Google Love" Tips from a PRO... and access to "Codename T-Spider"!

e) I'll take you inside my Google AdWords account and show you EXACTLY how I've made my fortune using PPC...

Take a look at the Tools Page.

f) Access to your Great Escape Web Builder system - Construct your very own custom-built website, saving weeks of effort and thousands of dollars with the most powerful web-building tool... With 24/7 live chat and telephone support - you can have as many websites up and running as you want...

g) Chris's Secret Weapon - this is something that I ONLY tell my partners about. In fact, it's almost a necessity if you want to do this properly I would say! This weapon can only be described as devastating... It will split-test for you - automatically - create data captures FOR YOU... and even monitor your entire online business... FOR YOU...

AND Many More.........

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Special Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Discover how eBay, MySpace, PayPal, Amazon and even Google are SHOWING YOU exactly where you should be focusing... MY to-the-point NO FLUFF videos will highlight numerous little "profit centers" and hidden Niches for you...

Watch them, take action and profit the same day!

Bonus 2: Discover my "Top & Tail" method for creating conversion-topping sales copy...

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